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iPad Web Publising - APP   Server Info
Server Address: this is the URL that you will want the application to point to.

Account Name: USERNAME for access to the account the above URL is pointed to.
Account Password: PASSWORD for access to the account the above URL is pointed to.
HTTPS: For use when the URL will start with a secure encrypted connection via a https URL link.

FileMaker Pro   MORE INFO...
FileMaker IWP: if this application will be connecting to a FileMaker Server using the Instant Web Publishing engine, then this needs to be set to "ON", otherwise leave in "OFF" mode.
Ask Server for DB: in FileMaker Server you can be directed to default database, if this is in the "ON" mode.
Database Name: if using FileMaker, and the "Ask Server for DB" is "OFF" then you will need to supply the exact name of the database it is suppose to connect to.

Debugging Mode: when initially setting up your connection, as there are no menus visibile, and pop-ups disabled, to make identifiing connection problems you can set this to "ON", otherwise leave in "OFF" mode.
NOTE: When in debugging mode, you can switch between conference events, without leaving the app, however some connections use a session key to allow for momentary internet interruptions, so to change between different conferences, you may need to close the iWP App and re-open the iWP App, in order for the new conference selection to take effect. In normal mode (debugging "OFF") this does not apply, as in order to change events, you have to close the app and re-open it in order to make a different selection.
List Title: When you open iWP, it will provide a list of events available. This is just the title of the following list page.

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