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intra Web Publising - APP

  This application for the Apple® iPhone™ & iPad™ is a blank browser user interface, built on top of the Safari® browser already in the iPhone & iPad. If it works in Safari, it works with intra Web Publishing on your mobile device.

So why the App?
Most mobile device apps are designed for use on a mobile device where a single user uses their own device for multiple purposes. The iWP app is different in that its focus is for a single mobile device, to be used for a single purpose, but by multiple users.

For example in an office reception area, where the office temporarily provides the client/visitor with a mobile device that is used to fill out a digital form, then the mobile device is passed on to the next person. Each person's form needs to be discreet, but yet the application screen advances for the next person to use without additional setup required.

The big difference and primary purpose is to have total control of the browser while the user is using it. This intra Web Publishing App is locked onto the URL that is set in the setting area. In the settings menu, you specify what site it is pointed to, including any username / password that is required.

The blank browser has all menus removed, with pop-ups and zoom minimized on the iPhone and locked on the iPad. For the iPad, layouts are now fixed for detailed layout control. No more guessing how your forms will look from one browser to another.

The web-serving and form processing is all controlled and handled by your website server, which the App is pointed to.

Intended for use in a business or educational environment, where a person comes in, you hand them a mobile device, they fill out the form, and then hand it back to you. The data is now already in your existing internet and/or intranet file. The mobile device is then handed to the next person, without any additional configuring required.

Settings allow for immediate utilization with FileMaker® Pro Instant Web Publishing solutions.

Great for educational situations, event registration, field order taking by sales people, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Upon first launch, the App gives you a completely blank screen (see to left) with only the loading icon at the bottom during startup. No menu areas, the site that it is pointed to, has full control.

The default settings upon downloading the intra Web Publishing App, will let you connect to our server for a demo, to give you an idea of how it can work.

NOTE: This APP will not do anything without being pointed to a URL which is not included (other than the default demo setting when first downloaded). If you are currently processing forms online, just point this App to your specific page and you're good to go!

The intra Web Publishing App has enhancements to take advantage of the FileMaker Server Advanced database web publishing engine.

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